If Only I Could Keep All Of These In Mind Every Day..

After Modeh Ani: Realize that I need to be concerned only with this day before me and not what I will do tomorrow.

After kissing the mezuza when leaving home: Remember that it is Hashem who decides what happens to me during the day.

Before Davening: Remember that I will be talking directly to the Ribbono shel Olam

While Davening: Remember that the second I open my mouth and daven that Hashem is right there listening to me.

Before and During Learning: Remember that I am not just studying any old book, rather it is a sefer that is precious and holy.

After Learning: Say a quick personal prayer that I am able to put my learning into practice.

Before Eating: Take time to slow down and realize I am thanking Hashem for the food and that without Him I would not even have it to begin with.

After First Bite/First Sip: Say a quick personal prayer that I use the energy from the food or drink for mitzvos and not aveiros.

Before saying Birkas Hamazon: Remember that bentching after I eat ensures that the channel of blessing that enables me to support my family is unobstructed.

Before Seeing Another Person: Ensure my eyes smile at them and that I greet them with a kind word.

After Work: Ensure I leave a bad mood outside before I enter the threshold to my house. Imagine that someone is going to pay me my entire yearly salary if I can refrain from expressing my anger for just that evening alone.

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11 comments on “If Only I Could Keep All Of These In Mind Every Day..

  1. How about a 22 week program: for each thought in the list, commit two weeks to working on having that thought in mind, and then move on to the next. Although “bbefore Seeing Another Person” might require setting a finite reachable limit to try for, maybe 5 people a day, maybe less, depending on what I’m up to.

    And then, if not enough stuck (and if BeyondBT didn’t get me more excited about trying a different idea <grin>) I can try the program again!

  2. My youngest daughter put it up in her room (her & her sister’s room, that is). I told you it should be a poster…and, in my house, it is!


  3. If only I could keep ONE of these in mind every day!

    This would be an excellent post for Elul. I wonder if there’s a way to keep it near the top until Rosh Hodesh?

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