Let’s Learn to Daven

We can pronounce the words. We might even be able to read pretty fast. And we know we to shake, bow and clop. But do we really know how to daven. Are we coming close to where davening can be taking us.

These are some of the questions that Rabbi Zev Cohen asks in his Preparing to Daven shiur. It’s definitely worth your time. Rabbi Cohen also has a whole series called Let’s Learn to Daven.

There’s another great davening improvement initiative taking place at the Weekly Tefilah Focus. Each 5 minute weekly lesson is available in video, audio or text. This week is the first lesson, starting with Ashrei:

“We all want to get to Olam HaBa and be considered a “ben Olam HaBa” while still in this world. The Gemara in Brachos teaches us that one who says Ashrei three times a day is assured to be a ben Olam HaBa. This clearly cannot mean mere recitation. Chazal are telling us that this reward is reserved for one who thinks deeply about what the p’sukim in Ashrei are teaching us, and as a result, strengthens his emunah in Hashem.”