Kedoshei Har Nof Fund

The kedoshim who were just brutally murdered, whether they were professionals, kollelleit or Roshei Yeshivah; were also breadwinners for their families. The many widows and orphans left behind have more to contend with them than the gnawing void in their hearts; they must also deal with the gaping shortfall in their budget.

Please give generously to this fund in order to alleviate some tiny part of the pain that they’re experiencing as best we can. You can help shoulder the burden of their plight. However much your donation may hurt, you will be comforted knowing that it may ease some of the pain that the bereaved families of the kedoshim are now experiencing.

In the merit of Tzedakah may Moshiach arrive speedily and in our days to finally mop up the waterfalls of tears cascading down the cheeks of Klal Yisrael!

The Kedoshei Har Nof fund is being administered by a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Please click on the link below and donate generously. Please forward this appeal to whoever you know. If you tweet or have a Facebook page please spread the word that way.