Shabbos Nachamu Shabbaton Update

Here is the latest update on our Shabbos Nachamu Shabbaton. Most importantly we have managed to slash prices:

$25 – Adults
$18 – 18 and Under
$12 – 12 and Under
$5 – 5 and Under

Friday night meals will be at the host houses and we will be having Shabbos Lunch, Shalosh Seudos and Melave Malka together.

This is a tremendous opportunity to deepen the connections we have made reading, writing and growing together at Beyond BT. We really hope that everybody in the metropolitan area who does not already have plans for that Shabbos will join us.

If you are planning on attending or considering it, please comment below or email us at so we can start planning properly.

6 comments on “Shabbos Nachamu Shabbaton Update

  1. I’ll be there for some (if not all) of the events, and possibly my family…we’ll see!

  2. Babies are free. Since the food costs are being covered solely by the participants, the host families will need to pay the charges if they join us for the communal meals.

    Thanks for the hosting offer.

  3. Two weird questions: Do babies cost $5, and what’s the plan for host families?

    Also, assuming we can find an apartment and aren’t on the streets by then, I am reasonably sure we could host people if you need.

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