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We are still full steam ahead for our Beyond BT Shabbos Nachamu Shabbaton. We have a good signup rate so far. We really want to encourage all BTs, FFBs and Jews of all stripe to join us and take the next steps in making real lasting connections. The cost is $25 per adult, $18 for 18 and under, $12 for 12 and under, $5 for 5 and under and babies are free. Email us at if you are interested.

Our good friend Kressel Housman has been fortunate enough to land a job that involves listening to Rabbi Wein tapes. We’ve been nudging her for some more Beyond BT pieces as we miss her inspiration dearly. She recently informed us that Rabbi Wein is currently making available a free download of a shiur on the Book of Iyov.

Sefardi Lady informs us of a rally on Monday, July 17th at 12 noon opposite the United Nations in solidarity with the government and people of the State of Israel against terror sponsored by The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

Steve Brizel highly recommends The Lord is Righteous in All His Ways: Reflections on the Tish‘ah be-Av Kinot by Rabbi Joseph’s B. Soloveitchik. You can order it here.

Steve also brings our attention to a dvar Torah about Pinchas by Rabbi Yaacov Haber, whose Life after Teshuva shiurim have been featured here. Here’s an excerpt:

There is no perfection in this world. As a matter of fact, sometimes when the environment is so pristine and one works so hard to find purity, the imperfections stand out even more. Even in the most beautifully developed areas of Yiddishkeit there are things that need to be fixed and attitudes and ideals that are not according to the Torah. There are wonderful Torah opportunities on the one hand and some jarring attitudes and behaviors on the other hand. The blend of mostly Torah and incongruous and even outrageous behavior becomes a confusing culture.

Examine everything that happens through the lens of Torah, underline what is great and beautiful and take note of what is wrong. When you look at the culture that surrounds you, you can sometimes be baffled by the lack of midos tovos that prevail even amongst teachers and mentors. Don’t criticize them; don’t hold it against them, don’t slander them, just do something to better the situation. Stand up for what is right.

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  1. I came across an amazing website that I want to share with everyone. I am not connected to it in any way, but think it is amazing. The site teaches Tosfos in two ways A sepreate shiur on each Tosfos or a PDF, they alredy have a few Masechtos thr site is

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