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The Jewish People are under attack and as Rabbi Brody has said repeatedly, the call of the day is to increase our Emuna and do Teshuva.

Emuna goes beyond believing in G-d, but acting in accordance with that belief. Although we are all probably checking the Israeli news sites multiple times a day to see how the Israeli military is faring, emuna means seeing clearly that the outcome of this crisis is totally in Hashem’s hands and acting on that belief.

Although most of the people reading this site have undertaken a significant committment to Teshuva, as Rabbi Lam reminded us at the last Beyond BT Melave Malka, this is just the first step. Teshuva is a continual process and now seems like the right time to take some next steps.

Here are some simple ideas, but please add your own suggestions in the comments:

1) Say one shehakol a day with more kavana.
2) Pause before Bonei Yerushaliyim in the Shomenah Esrai and say it with more intent.
3) Before reading another news article on the net, say Shir Hamalos for the Matzav in Eretz Yisroel.
4) Commit to learning or relearning a new sefer, 5 minutes extra a day.
5) Fulfill the mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel by:
a) Saying something nice about a fellow Jew
b) Helping a fellow Jew with there phyisical needs
c) Honoring a fellow Jew

Increasing our observance of mitzvos in some small way shows that our emuna is not just an intellectual excercise, but that we have committed our lives to serving Hashem. Let’s all reach deep into our hearts and minds and do what we can to help the Jewish People.

If you want to make a Bli Neder small committment in the comments either by name or anonomously it would be helpful.

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  1. Urgent Appeal for Help to Tsfat:



    The recent missile attacks launched by Hezbollah on Northern Israel including the historic and holy city of Tsfat reveals to the world the great strategic nature of this area for the Jewish People and all the State of Israel. Residents of the Tsfat and Meron area have suffered fatalities and dozens of casualties. Many homes and buildings have been destroyed. It should be noted that the vast majority of the missiles have been directed to the homes and lives of innocent residents of the Old City. Many have chosen to evacuate, others remain steadfast as guardians of the city and the sacred sites they treasure. Emergency economic relief is necessary to sustain the residents of the city who wish to remain and to assist in the rebuilding effort.

    Tsfat is the capital of the Upper Galilee and hosts the headquarters of the IDF Northern command. Tsfat is where Prime Minister Olmert and Defense Minister Peretz received their briefings yesterday from commanders of the IDF.

    Attacks by Hezbollah not only threaten lives but strike at the future of one of Israel’s holiest sites. Tsfat and Meron are places that have given the Jewish people some of its most important contributions of liturgy, Kabbalah and Jewish tradition. These are treasures that the Jewish people must guard and not abandon.

    At the behest of our leadership, we ask for your prayers for all of Israel’s embattled citizens and ask you show your solidarity by supporting the families of Tsfat at this critical time. The personal and economic impact on our families is enormous. (Funds will be distributed by need and will be made available to all victims regardless of affiliation.)



    225 West 34th Street, Suite 701

    New York, NY 10122


    You may donate via credit card…. Should you wish to speak with someone to give credit card information over the phone, please call Heidi at (516) 823-4010.

    This foundation is a 501c3 charitable foundation and all donations are tax deductible.

    On behalf of the NACHAL NOVEA TSFAT FUND:

    PROF. ELIE WIESEL, Honorary Chairman

    SAMUEL SOLOMON, President

    RABBI EPHRIAM KENIG, Vice President, Tsfat

    RABBI JAY YAACOV SCHWARTZ, Executive Director

    MS.TALYA LIPSHUTZ, Director of Israel Operations,Tsfat

    MS. PAMELA WEINER, Director of Development

    …Please be as generous as you can. If you want to contact us regarding assistance or information on what is happening, please email rjys@tsfat.com. Thank you!

  2. There’s a paragraph in many Siddurim before the bedtime Kriat Shema in which we forgive all other Jews and pray that they will not come to harm on account of what they did to us.
    Letting go in this way is a benefit to all of Klal Yisrael.

  3. Along the lines of Chana’s comment, I highly recommend Loving Kindness by Rabbi Fishel Schachter and Chana Nestlebaum, an adaptation of the Chofetz Chaim’s classic work, Ahavas Chesed.

    We have been learn it after Maariv in our Shul for about 3 years (it’s either our third or fourth time going through it) and people are moved by it on a regular basis.

  4. I have been listening to the outstanding tapes from the last several Tisha B’Av Worldwide Events; the shiurim are given by Rabbi M. Solomon, Rabbi Frand, Rabbi Krohn, Rabbi Feuer and others. One particularly excellent shiur is the one given by Rabbi Frand in 2003 on the theme of Shaping a World of Kindness. The shiur discussed how we can reach a higher madrega of chesed by LOVING CHESED and not just doing it out of obligation.

  5. Sorry Jaded, I meant Forest. It’s just that I sometimes have difficulty seeing it, what with all those treees!

  6. 1. Replace some baseless hatred by first ridding your heart of it (this may take some rapprochement heavy lifting) and then implanting some irrational exuberance/affection (that’s affection not affectation) for your fellow Jew (or, for Jaded…tree) we’re talking unearned, undeserved and unqualified love. Rebitzen Heller’s advice posted here a few days ago is probably a good place to start. As the bumper sticker wisely advises: Do T’shuva now! Avoid the Elul rush!

    2. Learn some new chapters of Tehilim. Then say those like our lives depend on it. They do!

    3. Find new angles for loving the Gift of the Land. We read Shlach a few weeks ago and Tisha B’Av is a few weeks ahead. HaShem “educates” ingrates of His gift.

  7. A friend of mine informed me that there will be a Rally in NY on Monday, July 17, 2006 at 12 noon opposite the UN. Unfortunately, I can’t be there. But, I think the opportunity to stand in unison with other supporters of Israel is important.

    The information is on my blog.

  8. The foregoing ideas are excellent examples of what can be called Bitachon ( expessing trust in HaShem ). I would like to mention some ideas that perhaps fall under the rubric of Hishtadlus ( positive actions) :

    1) If you live in Israel, give blood to any recognized blood bank.We are already seeing civilian and military casualties that need our help as much as possible.

    2) If you are visiting Israel or have some spare time ( Bein Hazmanim ), there are numerous programs that will arrange for you to work at an IDF base and free up soldiers time for their real work-fighting Amalekim.

    3)If you are davening in a shul anywhere that says a Mi Sheberach for the IDF and a Tefillah LiShalom HaMedinah, listen with kavanah or ask that the Gabbai say it with some more kavanah than usual.

    4)Don’t be afraid of sending a kid to learn or letting a child continue to learn or live in Israel. The seminaries and yeshivos are the safest places and the Torah learned therein is another secret weapon on behalf of Klal Yisrael.

    5)There are numerous tzedakos that deal with IDF members and their rehabilitation from combat wounds.

    6)Know which media resources, websites, etc will give you a full picture and which basically are biased against Israel. Don’t be afraid to send a polite email to any media resource that you believe has presented Israel in an unfair light. Honest Reporting is an excellent resource in this regard.

  9. Another way to fulfil ahavas yisroel, as recommended by Rabbi Avigdor Miller (off the record?) in the book “Walking with Rabbi Miller” (Artscroll) is by reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people”. My guess is that it is an elaboration of the Avos “acquire for yourself a friend”. Of course like all goals in relationships “mitoch shelo lishmo bo lishmo”


    May we have shalom at home and with this return to our real Home in shalom.

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