There Are No Coincidences

I was reviewing the Parsha Friday morning and I realized that I hadn’t informed my Partners in Torah chavrusa that it was a double parsha. My chavrusa loves to learn and each week he reads *every* Art Scroll note and translation on the parsha.

I gave him a call around 10:15 to tell him. He said that he was just sitting down to learn and he noticed Behar was short and he wondered if perhaps it was a double parsha. At exactly that moment my call came in to tell him that it was a double. Pretty cool.

One comment on “There Are No Coincidences

  1. Yeah, definitely cool serendipity related happenstancings.I love this kind of “coincidental” stuff, as much as my soul thirstily drinks up the aesthetically pleasing atheism isms, its the stuff like this that gives spirituality credibility by default.
    Also two weeks ago, I renewed my vows to learn R Wolbe’s Alei Shure – I opened the books and yeah the text was still in hebrew with no nekudos to speak of. But the sparkles of spiritual serendipity were glittering down on me like off season christmas lights…. that friday, I was randomly reading Partners in Torahs parsha e newsletter and there was this perfect piece from Alei Shure on joy nicely translated in hearty english.So I thought that was kind of cool toooo, in a religously random kind of way.
    Lessons of the day, random incidents are never coincidence ,the Partners in Torah program is thoroughly profound in concept and action, and Rabbi Eli Gewirtz definitely rocks, on an unadulterated altruism ism level.

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