Have You Voted in the JIBs

The JIB Awards are underway and we made it to the Finals in four categories thanks to the Beyond BT community. Since Beyond BT is between 93% and 99% L’Sheim Shmayim (for the sake of heaven) there’s a possibility that if you vote for us and more people get involved with the community, you’ll get credit for a mitzvah.

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After (or before) you vote you can perform the mitzvah of Talmud Torah by learning the following Mishna from the second Perek in Pirkei Avos:

“Rabbi said, What is the proper path that one should choose for himself? Whatever is glorious / praiseworthy for himself, and honors him before others. Be careful with a minor mitzvah (commandment) like a severe one, for you do not know the reward for the mitzvos. Consider the loss incurred for performing a mitzvah compared to its reward, and the pleasure received for sinning compared to the punishment. Consider three things and you will not come to sin. Know what is above you – an eye that sees, an ear that hears, and all your deeds are written in a book.”

3 comments on “Have You Voted in the JIBs

  1. Trying to be LeShem Shamayim and actually being LeShem Shamayim are two different things. But I would certainly agree that the people here are nearly always trying to be leShem Shamayim.

  2. I think you’re actually being too modest. Even the wrong comments are nearly always meant leShem Shamayim.

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