5 comments on “Mazal Tov To Dixie Yid on The Birth of a New Girl

  1. I love these comments.

    Leah, thank you and yes, I do like to amuse myself with anonymous blogging’s necessarily “unusual nomenclature!

    Ilanit, thank you!

    Chaim G., Thank you for that very unusual but thoughtful bracha!

    Phyllis, thank you for your joy from over there in Dallas for us. A lot of my family comes from Texas as well. So say “hi” to Bentzion Epstein for me (even though he obviously won’t know who “Dixie Yid” is).

    -Dixie Yid

  2. Mazal tov! It’s always so nice to hear about another Southern Jew coming into the world. Shalom Y’all from Dallas!

  3. A southern Belle of the Yiddishe ball. May she grow up to be dignified but not persnickity and be a source of down home nachas.

  4. Mazal tov!!!!! May she grow to be a source of nachas for the family and klal yisrael.

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