MP3 Shiurim – R’ Welcher, R’ Sammet, R’Schwerd, R’Rosenberg, R’Haber

Here are some recent Shiurim.

The best way to download is to right click on the link and select Save Target As to save it to your PC’s hard drive.

Rabbi Welcher on Tisha B’Av

Rabbi Welcher on Pizza, Schnitzel and Apple Pie

Rabbi Welcher on Amira L’Akum

R’ Moshe Schwerd on Bringing Korbanos With Our Lips

Rebbetzin Sammet on Onoas Devorim – Verbal Whammies to Avoid

R’ Yechezkel Rosenberg on Benching on as Kezais and a KeBeitzah – D’Oraisa or D’Rabbonin

R’ Yakov Haber on Birchas Kohanim the 19th Blessing

R’ Yakov Haber on The End of Shemoneh Esrai and some final words on his last shiur at CAY before making Aliyah.

We are extremely pleased to announce that R’ Daniel Stein will be giving the Sunday morning shiur starting August 12 from 8:50 AM to 9:25 AM at Congregation Ahavas Yisroel 147-02 73rd Avenue in Kew Gardens Hills.
The first series of shiurim will be on Hilchos Teshuva.

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