How Would You Succinctly Describe Torah Judaism?

We live in a world of short attention spans. To that end I am trying to write a description of Torah Based Judaism in 300-500 words. The goal of the short essay is to interest the reader into exploring more about Judaism.

What would be your lead sentence of such an essay?

What points would you cover?

If your interested in writing such an essay, please email it to us at Beyond BT and we will consider it for posting.

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  1. 1- It is the nature of good to have a recipient
    2- We were created to receive good
    3- The ultimate good is the Image of G-d
    4- Therefore we can’t just receive, Hashem gave us an opportunity to finish the job, to imitate the Creator
    5- Thus, we must perfect our relationship with Him, and our relationship with others — to both receive and to give.
    6- Which in turn requires perfecting ourselves, the sole part of the relationship we can change
    7- Halakhah is a tool for doing so
    8- Because of the above, halakhah is produced in partnership between G-d and man.
    9- History is a process from Adam to the messiah.
    10- Perfecting the world requires cooperation, and thus one can’t be a Jew without being part of the community


  2. Torah Judaism is that Judaism which takes the Torah (Written and Oral) to be true and binding, and not subject to the type of reinterpretation that would make it conform to other ideologies or human desires.

  3. An initial thought…

    “Chesed v’Emes Nifgashu”
    Torah Judaism: Balancing Kindness and Truth

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