Beyond BT Announces Effort To Curtail Internet Usage

In an effort to encourage others to reduce their internet* usage, Beyond Teshuva** has announced a weekly “Log Off Day”.

Mark Frankel, one of BBT’s Administrators and its resident IT guru explained the endeavor: “Every week, from just before sundown Friday to just after nightfall Saturday evening, we are asking that all of our fellow Jews do not use the internet.” In order to encourage full participation, David Linn, also an Administrator at BBT and its resident Blackberry*** expert, explains “We at BBT will not be posting during the designated “blackout time” and will not be monitoring the site. We encourage all Jewish blogs and websites to follow suit in a show of solidarity.”

Frankel and Linn added that those who have chosen to participate are encouraged to light candles just prior to the blackout period and take advantage of the free time by dining with friends and family.

Dr. I.V. Poll, BBT’s resident medical Resident, explains that the idea is actually healthy and that concerns about going cold turkey are unfounded. “Those who are nervous about going without internet for 25 hours should not be concerned. Those with strong addictions however, are encouraged to print out BBT posts to have at hand in case the need arises.” Dr. Poll does not recommend use of the transdermal patch.

*The internet, invented by former Vice-President Al Gore, is an electronic medium for the transmission of information. Users sit at devices called computers and watch as words magically appear on their screens. (Ed: Wow, those Jetsons writers were prescient!)

** Beyond Teshuva is the internet’s most popular web site with the name Beyond Teshuva.

*** Blackberry is an edible fruit produced by any of several species in the Rubus genus of the Rosaceae family. It is, botanically, an aggregate fruit. The plants typically have biennial canes and perennial roots. Blackberries are also called caneberries or brambles. Many of its over 375 species, are closely related apomictic microspecies native throughout the temperate Northern hemisphere and South America.

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  1. The internet can spread Torah.

    For example, you can receive free quotes from Jewish holy books by going to:

    This web site was started on 1/1/2010, and had 127 members by Purim, including several people from Beyond BT. So far, only 2 people quit, and I suspect they were frustrated spammers.

  2. That was cute! But I was wondering if there were any serious posts here about internet usage. It seems like a silly and at least an ironic question, seeing as I’m posting it online to a crowd who clearly approves of using the internet, but is anyone trying to quit? How do you deal with the ads? What do you use it for outside of work? Are BT’s more dependent on it, having been raised with it, and as a source of information?

  3. Where is it written? Who said it?

    Cite the sefer, chapter, verse, capitul and pasuk, along with the author’s full biography and yichus going back to Adam and Chava. Plus who gave the author semichah, and whether it was Yoreh-Yoreh or the better Yadin-Yadin.

    Did it appear in a peer-reviewed journal such as the Shushan Review of Judaic Studies?

    A freilichen Purim!

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