What Should We Put On A Beyond BT Handout Card?

We want to create cards (business card size, front and back text if necessary) to hand out to tell people about Beyond BT and encourage BTs, Kiruv professionals, Rebbeim and those interested in BT issues to give us a visit and a read.

a) Title: Should the title of the site be referred to as Beyond BT or Beyond Teshuva?

b) Graphic: Should we include a graphic of the bridge? Some other graphic?

c) Tag Line: Our tag line currently says “Beyond Teshuva – learning, growing, giving”.
Should we use that or something else?

d) Purpose: Should we include “Beyond Teshuva is focused on providing ideas, connection and support for Baalei Teshuva in their continuing quest to learn, grow, and give” or something else?

e) Information: Should we include anything informative on the card like “5 Categories of BT Support”?

f) Should we include anything else?

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  1. You could consider putting on the back of the cards a Jewish Holiday Date Reminder for the years 2012 through 2017. People might then keep the cards for quick reference. Then again, after 2017 the cards could get thrown out. I have an old Birnbaum machzor with a back page listing holiday dates for the next thirty years that is outdated already.

  2. I’ll be brief:
    a) Title: Beyond BT (because that’s the web address
    b) Graphic: Bridge (b/c it’s already on the web site)

    c) Tag Line: Keep it (see above)

    d) Purpose: I agree with Ezzie, re-word it a bit, but keep the idea

    e) Information: If you are giving out cards, then people already have a bit of info about the site. Less is more

    f) Should we include anything else? Nope!

  3. From time to time, Mark and/or I are asked for input on an issue in either a private manner or a public forum. Having a card to pass along afterwards creates staying power.

  4. I’m still unclear as to the specific need for this card. Do online discussion groups commonly need to issue cards?

  5. Less is more. I’m with Michoel, basically: Beyond BT or Beyond Teshuva work – I like the former, but could hear arguments for either.

    I like the bridge and what it potentially represents, in terms of bridging the gap that exists for people coming into the community (whether that’s the original intent or not).

    I could argue for or against the tag line, which is only part of what BeyondBT is about, I think.

    I think that purpose (perhaps slightly re-worded) is excellent to include – and absolutely nothing else. Too much and the person won’t continue to talk to you and find out more; too little and they don’t know where to start. It’s a good balance.

  6. aish dot com
    AsherWade dot com
    GavrielSanders dot com
    njop dot org
    ohr dot edu
    Torah dot org
    kayama dot org
    Midrash dot org
    DerechEmet yahoo group

  7. Ok, that’s enough fun for Kislev.

    But seriously, how about some suggestions for the Beyond BT handout card.

  8. David, you asked for it, maybe.

    1. Label this card in Hebrew (with appropriate artwork) as a proven segulah for successful frum integration. Then more people will want to keep it in their wallet.

    2. Combine it with a discount program for essential Jewish books, Judaica ware, etc.

    3. At selected shuls, the card can be a free ticket for admission to Yamim Noraim services.

  9. aa,

    also, it has the intention to convey that after becoming a BT, there’s plenty more to be done on the growth as well as the support side.

  10. At Aish once, there was a contest to rename what was then called the Basics program, which was for people who just got off the boat (plane).

    Many suggestions were given, including my favorites, “Say Goodbye to Christine”, and “I’m Out of Money, Now What?”

    The winner was “Essentials”. I’m just mentioning this as a flashback. This very serious BeyondBT site probably isn’t looking for this type of humor, so just stick with your title.

  11. Michoel, thanks for the input, it’s greatly appreciated.

    aa, I agree that we should be living our lives in constant Teshuva at whatever level is practical for us.

    Technically the site might be called “Beyond the initial commitment to work on real Teshuva”, which we shorten to “Beyond Teshuva”.

  12. Why would someone want to go beyond Teshuva or beyond BT?

    One should live ones life in constant Teshuva. Even Tzaddikim should constantly be doing Teshuva as if they never did a thing right in their life! (See sforim Hakedoshim)

  13. What do you envision as the circumstances for handing these out? Do you think access via the Web, including search engines, hasn’t done the job?

  14. A. Beyond Teshuva (more dignified)

    b) I like the bridge but not critical

    c) Yes, use the tag line. It is good

    d) Yes, use that purpose statement but change it from “is focused” to “focuses”

    e) No, no benefit in that and the site is very broad. By putting 5 categories, someone that has a specific issue outside of those 5, might not bother to look.

    f) don’t make the card to busy, IMO

    the card is a good idea, yashar koi’ach

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