Retreats for BT Families

There is a newly formed division of Ohr Somayach in Monsey led by Rabbi and Mrs Naftali Reich that is conducting year round weekend retreats for BT families at their gorgeous five star Beit Shvidler retreat center

There will be an inspiring Pre Pesach weekend family retreat on March 24th at the Center and we just heard that there are still a couple of vacant slots.

The retreat will have a cadre of world class presenters..our own Rabbi Label Lam, Rabbi David Refson, Mrs Chani Juravel, Rabbi Jonathen Rietti and others. The main theme is ‘How we can make Pesach alive for ourselves and our families’.

It starts on Friday sundown and concludes on Motzei Shabbat and a concurrent professional child care program will be available on the premises . There is an option available (at no extra charge!) to stay over on Saturday eve and benefit from some ‘hands on’ family guidance from Rabbi Avraham Braun and Mrs Rivky Reich on Sunday morning.

The all inclusive cost is $499 per couple and $120 per child and subsidies are available for those that wish to benefit from a highly discounted rate (no questions asked). We encourage you to benefit from this amazing experience! Registration is limited to twenty families in total to ensure a warm, intimate and inspiring environment.

For more info and a program itinerary please call the program directors Rabbi and Mrs Naftali Reich at 914-261-4580 or email to

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  1. “retreats for BT families at their gorgeous five star Beit Shvidler retreat center…”

    Five Star retreats are great, but not everyone can afford them. Some Jews cannot even afford two stars.

    I hope there are programs for the less financially endowed.

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