3 comments on “Shortening Shabbos Davening

  1. BT-In all seriousness, check out the relevant Mareh Mkomos in the Poskim-the issue is whether Hosafos and Mi Sheberachs are Minhagim of such a nature that they are a “third rail” and beyond change-like the Nusach HaTafilah for certain portions of the Yamim Noraim Tefillos or not so. Far to often, we tend to forget that Rabbbeinu Tam once observed ( see beginning of Masecta Gitin) that Osiyos Minhag Gehenyom.

  2. @Steve Brizel – Possibly, but those minhagim have deeper roots than having a drasha on a weekly basis. Historically, drashot were only given on shabbos hagadol and shabbos shuvah.

  3. One can argue that Hosafos to Krias HaTorah and unnecessary Mi Sheberachs constitute far more of a Tircha DTzibura, than either a drasha or Dvar Torah.

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