Post Retirement Planning

Has anybody been involved with trying to convince non-observant relatives to do a Tahara? What was you approach and the relatives reaction?

To help us all become more informed in such matters, the Jewish Heritage Center presents:

A Series of Shiurim on The End of the Jewish Life Cycle

Presented by Rabbi Elchonon Zohn
Director-National Association of Chevros Kadisha

Despite great leaps forward in nutrition, hygiene and medical technology increasing our longevity, the mortality rate stands still at 100 per cent. Old age, quality of life, and death are issues that many of us now face and that all of us MUST deal with in the future. This fascinating series will deepen our understanding of Jewish end-of-life traditions and empower us to rise above the deep-seated anxiety, fears and the uncertainty that shroud the end of our lives.

All Classes Mondays @ 8:30 PM, Doors open at 8:15 PM

At the Jewish Heritage Center: 68-29 Main Street Flushing

July 30-How Death Gives Meaning to Life
Living meaningful lives, time-management, embracing our own mortality, providing compassionate elder care, understanding euthanasia, DNR orders, hospice care through the prism of the value of and sanctity of life.

August 6 August 13 -Paying Last Respects Respectfully
Tzava’ah (wills), pre-need planning for ourselves and for others, last rites and confession, cremation / above ground burial / in ground burial, purchasing a burial plot in Israel or at home, monumentation.

August 13 August 20 -Profound Beliefs and Meaningful Practices
Takhrikhim (shrouds), Tahara (post-mortem ablutions), Shmira (guarding the remains), Hespedim (eulogies), Shiva–shloshim–shanah, the Torah way in mourning, Gilgulim (reincarnation), Tekhias haMesim (resurrection).

Free with RSVP or $5 at the door
To RSVP please call 1-888-4JUDAISM (458-3247)
or email:

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  1. Because of a “scheduling change”, the second and third shiurim will take place on August 13 and August 20.

  2. May I also suggest reading Rochel U. Berman’s fantastic book, Dignity beyond Death.

    For those who are curious, I reviewed the book here. It was an excellent read and very clear. It is meant for the layperson and might be a good place to start.

  3. I am very interested in this series, but probably will not be able to get there. I wonder if Rabbi Zohn would consider taking this series “on tour” to other locations around the Metro area.

  4. I urge anyone in the greater New York area who can make it to try and attend this vital series.

    Yasher Koakh to Mark and David for all their great work and for this public service announcement in particular.

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